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We indicate the name of the author, the year the PhD degree was obtained, the name of the thesis supervisor, the title of the thesis (with the PDF link) and the references and links to the articles that resulted from the thesis.






Diana Patrícia Rojas Ahumada


Albertina Lima

Usando Adelphobates galactonotus, uma espécie de sapo colorido e venenoso, como moelo para explorar processos que geram variação em cor em dendrobatídeos na Amazônia Oriental

Rojas DP, Stow A, Amézquita A, Simões PI, Lima AP. 2015. No predatory bias with respect to colour familiarity for the aposematic Adelphobates galactonotus (Anura: Dendrobatidae). Behaviour 152: 1637-1657.

Francisca Helena Aguiar da Silva


Tânia Sanaiotti

Resource use and selection by Harpy Eagle Harpia harpyja at multiple spatial scales: persistence and vulnerability

Aguiar-Silva FH, Junqueira TG, Sanaiotti TM, Guimarães VY, Mathias PVC, Mendonça CV. 2015. Resource availability and diet in harpy eagle breeding territories on the Xingu River, Brazilian Amazon. Brazilian Journal of Biology 75: S181-S189.

Aguiar-Silva FH, Jaudoin O, Sanaiotti TM, Seixas GHF, Duleba S, Martins FD. 2017. Camera trapping at herpy eagle nests: interspecies interactions under predation risk. Journal of Raptor Reasearch 51: 72-78.

Francisco José Villamarín Jurado


William Magnusson

Fluxo de energia em teias alimentares de ecossistemas aquáticos tropicais: das fontes autotróficas até os grandes consumidores ectotérmicos

Villamarín F, Magnusson WE, Jardine TD, Valdez D, Woods R, Bunn SE. 2016. Temporal uncoupling between energy acquisition and allocation to reproduction in a herbivorous-detritivorous fish. Plos One 11: e0150082. 

Villamarín F, Jardine TD, Bunn SE, Marioni B, Magnusson WE. 2017. Opportunistic top predators partition food resources in a tropical freshwater ecosystem. Freshwater Biology 62: 1389-1400. 

Villamarín F, Jardine TD, Bunn SE, Marioni B, Magnusson WE. 2018. Body size is more important than diet in determining stable-isotope estimates of trophic position in crocodilians. Scientific Reports 8: 2020.  

Rafael de Fraga


Albertina Lima

Diversidade regional de serpentes na Amazônia: uma abordagem multidimensional focada em conservação  

Fraga R, Stow AJ, Magnusson WE, Lima AP. 2014. The costs of evaluating species densities and composition of snakes to assess development impacts in Amazonia. PLoS ONE 9: e105453.

Fraga R, Lima AP, Magnusson WE, Ferrão M, Stow AJ. 2017. Contrasting Patterns of Gene Flow for Amazonian Snakes That Actively Forage and Those That Wait in Ambush. Journal of Heredity 108: 524-534.

De Fraga R, Ferrão M, Stow AJ,  Magnusson WE, Lima AP. 2018. Different environmental gradients affect different measures of snake β-diversity in the Amazon rainforests. Peer Journal 6: e5628.  



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