Infrastructure in Manaus

Last Updated: Monday, 23 January 2017

INPA is located in the city of Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas, Brazil. Amazonas is the largest state in the Brazilian Amazon, and is still largely covered by primary rainforest.  

INPA has three campi that are located close together in the eastern part of Manaus, near the campus of the Federal University of Amazonas – UFAM. 

The facilities of the Graduate Program in Ecology are in INPA’s campus V8, and include a two-storey building with a classroom, two laboratories, student offices, secretariat and a 65-place auditorium.  


INPA’s Graduate Program in Ecology building

INPA has a fleet of four-wheel drive vehicles, two buses and vans. In addition, graduate students have access to vehicles from the projects they are linked to through their supervisor. 

The Program has two laboratories for specific use by students, one for processing dry samples (usually herbarium material), the other for wet samples (plant or animal samples that have to be processed and preserved in liquid). Additionally, students also have access to general-use laboratories for soil and plant analyses, molecular biology, hydrological analyses, electronic microscopy and geoprocessing.

Several faculty members have their own laboratories:

  • Bruce Forsberg (water biochemistry lab)
  • Carlos Alberto Quesada (soil bochemistry lab and greenhouse)
  • Isolde Ferraz (seed physiology lab and greenhouse)
  • Jansen Zuanon (ichthyology lab)
  • Noemia Ishikawa (microbiology lab)
  • Richard Vogt (chelonian research center)
  • Tomas Hrbek (animal evolution and genetics lab at the Federal University of Amazonas - UFAM)


INPA’s library has a large collection of books, monographies, theses and periodicals on the Amazon region, including rare books and hard-to-get references, such as journals of limited regional circulation and from other Amazonian countries.   Since 2005 a digital library of theses from INPA’s graduate programs is available at BDTD/INPA).

INPA offers access to the Portal de Periódicos Capes, a web portal that is maintained by Capes Foundation and provides access to a comprehensive collection of national and international bibliographic resource databases.

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